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Re: About Free Technologies Cuban Conference

Great Jathan, in deed time is over for submitting new talks but as you know there will be time for many activities, of course you'll have the chance to share with us about Reproducible Builds, get ready for an unconference or lighting talk... or even for an extra meeting as you mentioned... everything is possible... glad to hear you will be with us... hope to meet you !!!
Everybody is welcome to Cuba.

2017-10-01 14:42 GMT-04:00 jathan <jathanblackred@openmailbox.org>:
On 27/09/17 14:28, Leonel Salazar wrote:
> Greetings everybody:
> My name is Leonel Salazar and I'm from Cuba, I'm one of the unofficial
> cuban Debian users group and I'm trying to spread the word about Free
> Technologies Cuban Conference CubaConf 2017 [1] second edition, 3 days
> of open talks, keynotes, workshops, unconferences, lighting talks etc...
> that will be held in Havana, November 7th-9th 2017. Last year we had 3
> oficial members of Debian Project, Valessio Brito, Tiago Bartoleto and
> Tassia Camoes, from Brazil, they introduced us to the DP processes and
> we had a few sessions exchanging about this subject. My point is, we are
> really happy to have any of the members of DP attending CubaConf 2017,
> both as speakers or as regular participants, even as volunteers since
> you have much more experience than we have organizing worldwide events.
> You can find more info about the organizers [2] and a little more about
> what we lived in 2016 [3][4]. This year we will have Valessio Brito as
> speaker again and we are trying to organize a unofficial mini-debconf or
> something similar, but if you can help we can have a better conference.
> Let me know if you can help in anyway like advice, stickers, online
> publicity or others... Any help is welcome.
> [1] https://www.cubaconf.org
> [2] https://gutl.jovenclub.cu/
> [3] https://goo.gl/photos/s9R1aWHBKSqibHMK7
> [4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqq08FMlJX8
> Regards from Cuba.
> Leonel.
Hi Leonel! Thanks a lot for your invitation to CubaConf 2017 and for
organising this great Free Software event. I am Jonathan from Mexico and
currently I am not a Debian Developer, but I have been participating
since some years ago spreading the word about using and helping in
Debian, helping to organise Debian Day in Mexico City, attending some
DebConf's, doing some spanish translations and recently I have started
to help in Reproducible Builds Team. I will go to CubaConf and I would
like to give a talk about Reproducible Builds introduction. I thought it
is not possible anymore to register a talk because the dates, but if
there is still a chance, I would love to share what is Reproducible
Builds at CubaConf even in an activity outside of the official schedule.
Best regards and see you in some weeks!


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