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draft blogpost about DebConf17 closing (and DebConf18 announced), to be published today

Hello all

Here you can find an initial draft blogpost to be published after the
closing ceremony in bits.debian.org and the debconf17 website:


A traditional Debian announcement (www.debian.org/News plus mail) with
same content (plus the usual "about Debian" and "about DebConf"
paragraphs) will be published afterwards, too.

Feel free to commit yourselves or ping me with anything that you'd like
to highlight. I'll follow the closing ceremony to get data and probably
add a mention to the call for feedback.

TRANSLATORS: The "About..." sections are frozen, since I took the
sentences from the blogposts about the Platinum sponsors in
bits.debian.org. If you translated those, you can reuse the
corresponding paragraphs. The wording of the rest of the article may
evolve in the following hour, so maybe it's better that you wait until
the article is published.

I'll keep the URL of the draft updated respect to the git repo, so you
can see the draft at its last state at any time.

Laura Arjona Reina

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