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Producing interviews during DebCamp

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about borrowing the equipment from the video team DC17 to
do some interviews; In this case, it would always be the same
questions for DebCamp participants. In the end, I could compile a
video/presentation of what was in DebCamp.

Of course, this type of video, made with quality, could be used in the
future for other material/dissemination.

I need help to elaborate the questions, it does not have to be
something long or many. I thought:

Who are you in Debian? Speak quickly as you arrived at the project.

What do you do or do in the Debian community?

What is your job here at DebCamp?

Anyone have more suggestions for other questions?

The interview is optional for anyone who is participating in DebCamp.

Valessio Brito

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