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Coordinating Debian Stretch & Tails 3.0 releases?


Tails 3.0 will be the first Tails release based on Stretch.
It's currently scheduled for June 13, but we are somewhat flexible
and would love to try and coordinate with the release of Debian
Stretch: this would be interesting for communication and publicity,
both for Debian and for Tails IMO. More precisely, if Debian Stretch
is going to be release between June 10 and July 2, then we can
probably release Tails 3.0 at the same time.

I understand that Debian release date is not announced publicly in
advance, and I think I understand why. So I guess this discussion
needs to happen privately. On the Tails side, the only people who
really need to be in the loop are anonym@riseup.net (my fellow Tails
release manager) and myself. If that's fine with you, then I'll have
anonym swear secrecy, and we will do our best to avoid leaking the
info any further.

If you prefer not to add this variable to the Debian release schedule
equation: understood, don't bother, fine :)

I also understand that this proposal may be premature at this point,
and I can come back to it in a month if you prefer.


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