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Article Update

Hello there,

My name is John Hawthorne and I just noticed that on debianhelp.org's page http://debianhelp.org/aggregator/sources/1?page=420&destination=aggregator/sources/1?page=286 you link to this article found here. I recently wrote an article on a similar topic that I think you will find interesting and had it published at http://www.floship.com/a-simple-guide-to-understanding-the-hanjin-bankruptcy/.

I was wondering if you would like to use my article as a reference as I believe it is a decent addition to what you are currently using. In my version I have 1) updated information and stats 2) multiple sources incorporated and referenced 3) multiple factors addressed in the bankruptcy. Please feel free to use my article as a source of information on that page or anywhere that you think it fits better.

Thank you,

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