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DPN 2017/01, close the edition?

Hi friends

Please have a look at the current state of the DPN issue:


IMO it's ready for closing the edition and send it to review.

This issue is centered in events and quick links mostly, but I think
it's better to publish more often than try to get an issue with all
the sections present. For the following DPNs we can focus in the new
features of stretch, rc bugs and other things people can help to get
the best release ever...

Feel free to edit and close the edition whenever you want. I would do
it tomorrow around noon UTC (for publishing Friday european evening or
at the time other publicity delegates can).

I'll try to get a blogpost about outreachy published before the week
ends, too, so this part is covered too. And GSoC 2017 is here
already... :)

Laura Arjona Reina

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