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helping the team: some easy taks


Are you lurking and you don't know how to help? The following ideas are pending
items, that we think would be easier for a newcomer with a bit of time.
If you want to help and you have any question, join #debian-publicity in
irc.oftc.net and ask :)

# Update the Debian Timetime

The debian time line is hosted in git:

Inside the directory "data" you can find a bunch of text files where the data
is added. For example:
is missing all the votes since 2014.
If you don't have git access (you need to be a DD or be in the alioth group),
you can send a patch to the list.

# Wiki page in how to unsubscribe from Debian Mailing lists

Some people subscribe to Debian announcement lists, such as debian-announce@,
debian-news@, debian-security@ etc and later they want to unsubcribe and don't
remember how. Often, they end up mailing to the Debian person who sent the
announcement email and when you get a few requests is a bit annoying.

Having a wiki page with the detailed steps, and maybe a couple of screenshots,
on how to unsubscribe would be a great improvement to reply to this kind of
emails.  It would also offer the possibility to add translations in the wiki
and would be easily picked up by search engines.

This page could be a subsection of https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMailingLists
or just create a new one https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMailingLists/HowToUnsubscribe

# Help with press coverage wiki pages

There is a wiki page in the Debian Wiki where we try to track press coverage
about Debian. This is the page for this year:


As you can see, we need help adding links :-)

# review DPN: typos and dead links

Every time a DPN is ready to be sent, there is a call for review and
translations. For example:
Do not hesitate in taking a look and send your suggestions!


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