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Re: Debian Project News?

Hello Donald,

If I may, allow me to add few things/thoughts..

We all know since last October that other channels are mainly used to
communicate the Debian news to the word but to me (and this is my bad
for not mention it earlier) people with many parallel jobs/activities
have little/no time to follow the links you mentioned below every day or
few times per week/biweekly.

On the other hand, it is much easier (and I think everybody does that)
to check your emails, even by using a smartphone nowdays.

What I'm trying to say?
Could it be possible to link (somehow) the posts you upload in identi.ca
and in bits.debian with that list? Even a collective email per week is
enough, with only the headers of the news and a link to follow.
Is this something that can be done or do you think that will introduce
to much noise to the list?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


*Pavlos K. Ponos*

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On 05/11/2016 07:47 PM, Donald Norwood wrote:
> Hi Gerardo,
> Yes the frequency of the DPN has changed, we are moving more of the
> content to the Debian Blog[1] and Identi.ca[2]. There are also other
> media channels[3] that share our news.
> We did indicate this change in the October 2015 DPN[4] issue, however
> you are correct in that we do need to get the DPN, as one of our
> official channels, out with more frequency and your email has started
> that effort as of today. So look out shortly for the next issue.
> We are a small team and sometimes it is a bit difficult to get the news
> out in the volume that we wish and that would make everyone happy, so we
> are always looking for new members or volunteers to help the effort and
> I'd invite you to take a look at our team wiki page[5] for more
> information if you are interested and have the time.
> It is great to hear feedback from someone who not only reads the DPN but
> looks forward to it, thank you for your support!
> Best regards,
> Donald Norwood
> Debian Publicity Team
> [1]https://bits.debian.org/
> [2]https://identi.ca/debian
> [3]https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/otherSN
> [4]https://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2015/08/
> [5]https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity
> On 05/11/2016 03:21 AM, Gerardo Ballabio wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I see that the frequency of Debian Project News issues has been dropping
>> recently. There were 21 issues in 2013, 17 in 2014, 8 in 2015. We're in
>> May 2016 now and there have been 2 issues this year, the last one almost
>> three months ago, and I can find no indication of when the next one will
>> appear.
>> Do you still plan to publish issues on a regular basis? If so, can you
>> please announce a schedule and commit to it? If not, can you
>> please announce that DPN is abandoned, so that I can stop having false
>> expectations? And remove the link from the Debian web page -- by the
>> way, the URL is still https://www.debian.org/News/weekly/ , that
>> is rather ironic now...
>> Thank you
>> Gerardo

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