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unusability issues

Hi there,

I have just put Debian (unexpectedly) on my list of unusable, awkward
and/or unmanageable Linux distributions.

The short version: I cannot even start using Debian, you keep me from

The long version: Your live-CDs and live-CDs seem to regularly request a
username and a password. This is something I have never encountered with
other Linux distributions.

Even when I seem to have solved that problem (via a laptop running
parallel to my computer), I only get to the console level. With no
instructions how to proceed.

This is, let's say, rather unusual.

Or you might call it kafkaesque: trying your best in a battle against
strange unknown forces.

Or extremely user-unfriendly?

If you wonder why the community of Debian followers is remaining rather
small: This might be part of the answer.



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