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Bug#813341: folder with logos for hotlinking

Dear all

The Debian logos (and Debian women logos) are stored in this folder, for the people preferring to hotlink from their services:


If you want to hotlink but the logo you need is not there, just tell.

Ideally, if we need to change the logo in the website for any reason, all the logos in that folder will be changed too, so your services, if you are hotlinking, will show the new version automatically.

In any case, a message about that change would be sent to debian-services-admin list, so (1) you are aware about what's going to happen, and (2) the people storing their own logo files can change them accordingly.

I keep Bug#813341 open for a while, until I can understand that it's resolved, then I will close it.

Thanks everybody that contributed in this bug and helped with the setup.

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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