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[bits.d.o] 2 latest articles translated into Catalan

Hi there,

I would like to inform you that the Catalan translation for the 2 latest
posts was pushed, after agreement in d-l10n-ca@l.d.o.

I'm not pretty sure about the procedure after translating, so:

- I've merged the translation from the local branch to the master one.
- I've added some minor fix to he catalan branch, which it remains
  there (although the logical step would be a new merge).
- Both translated articles are in draft state.

I don't know exactly who decides when a translation has to be published
and when I have to merge (I thought it was a mission for DD's), but 
glad to do so if needed. So, if this procedure could be updated on the 
wiki, it would be great.

Thanks so much and sorry for the noise!
Adrià García-Alzórriz
Se solidario contigo mismo!

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