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Bits from Debian Privacy Tools Maintainers


The Debian Privacy Tools Maintainers team [1] is happy to announce that
Tails Installer [2] is now in Debian.

Tails Installer is a graphical tool [3] to install or upgrade Tails on a
USB stick from an ISO image. It aims at making it easier to get The
Amnesic Incognito Live System up and running for those not familiar with
the command line.

It's the only installation technique that allows you to:
 - Benefit from automatic upgrades.
 - Create an encrypted persistent storage for your personal
   files and settings in the rest of the available space.

[2] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/tails-installer
[3] https://screenshots.debian.net/package/tails-installer


for Tails Developers and the Privacy Tools Maintainers packaging team.

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