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[announcement] mourn of Ian Murdock


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I have just translated the announcement of Ians passing into German
(current translation status: in review, do not publish)

Therefore I have some comments:

	Ian Murdock also notes that Debian 0.93R6 <q>... has always been my
	favorite release of Debian", although he admits to the possibility of
	some personal bias, as he stopped actively working on the project in
	March 1996.</q>

Strictly spoken, Ians cite ends after "release of Debian" in the
second line, so the closing tag </q> needs to be moved from the
last line to the second line.

	Debian has sparked 
	an interest in so many users and people, then, now, and hopefully far
	into the future.
	From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Ian.

First:	"many users and people" seems strange to me.
	Probably use something like
	many people
	many users and developers
	many users and other people

Second:	I would suggest to make the last line a separate paragraph,
	to strengten its output (as it is written in the source;
	so add a 
	line before "From the bottom of our hearts, ..." )


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