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Re: Please update the debian logo of your service

On 01/02/2016 11:24 AM, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Hi, 
> On Fri Jan 01, 2016 at 11:50:19 +0100, Enrico Zini wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 01:53:28PM +0000, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
>>> www.debian.org, planet.debian.org, bits.debian.org and a few other
>>> services already changed the logo to the one with the mourning ribbon.
>>> It would be nice if you could consider to change the logo of your
>>> service to that one too.
>> I generally find deciding to change a logo after a traumatic event quite
>> straightforward, and deciding when to revert it back quite awkward. Can
>> you please decide a time for removing the bands, and when the time comes
>> send a mail to request the change back?
> i would say, we leave logo for at least 14d, a month as suggested by
> Richard also sounds okay to me.
I think 1 calendar month would be ideal, 2016-01-31.

We can send a reminder notice the week prior 2016-01-24 that services
should revert back at the end of the month.


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