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About the publishing workflows (for today's IRC meeting)

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Dear all
The topic is long and complex, so maybe even being late it can be
useful that I post here my notes about what has been tried/discussed
in the last weeks, instead of walltexting in the IRC meeting.

This is how I summarize the last weeks about the publishing workflow
in mailing list and IRC (AFAIK); correct me if I am wrong, and add
more ideas here or in the meeting.

Martin proposed an idea for a new workflow

https://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2015/10/msg00002.html and
subsequent thread

Basically, as I understood it, consist on having a unique "incoming"
area where ideas are posted (by people of the team or others), and
then triage them, to generate a "general post" about the topic, which
includes a decision about the different channels where this info is
going to be posted (or not). Then, different people (or *scripts*, if
somebody writes the code) can adapt (or "translate") the general info
to the "language" of the corresponding channel (for example, if it's
going to be microblogged: add hashtags, etc), and post it (maybe
automatically, in a certain date, for example...).

I've been playing with the idea during October, manually creating
"drafts" for several ideas that were in the IDEAS file, and sending
[ITT] when I was intended to work on something, [RFR] when requesting
for reviews...

In later (friendly) discussions in the channel it was suggested to use
identi.ca for quickly posting the ideas (instead of using an IDEAS
file), taking advantage that posts can be edited/deleted. And the
people handling other channels (gnusocial, twitter, etc) could use the
identi.ca feed as "incoming" and then adapt to their channels at will.
So "everything" would be posted in identi.ca, as soon as we get the
news, and "later" we could review the feed to expand some items in

Another approach could be to work as we have been working until now:
an IDEAS file mainly for DPN, and the IRC channel and mailing list for
coordination and deciding in which channels to publish what
(microblogging mainly in IRC (DRAFT; ACKs)).

The microblogging can be also done with a filler as we do with the
releases: people add their proposals to a file in the format

<nick1>Title: blablablah - Body: more blablablah URL

Then other people can edit or ACK just adding their nick:

<ACK nick2><nick1>Title: blablablah - Body: more blablablah URL

And finally when the info is posted, somebody moves the line to the
end of the file, in a ---ALREADY POSTED --- section (if the person
nick2 can post, can just move the line and add her nick in the same

I think there are no other proposals in the table, although we could
mix among them (for example, I would use the filler in (4) adding one
more line for the expanded channels: DPN (nick_in_charge); Bits

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Laura Arjona Reina
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