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Re: DPN 2015/07 frozen. Please review and translate.


Donald Norwood <dnorwood@portalus.com> wrote:
> [ Please reply on -publicity list ]
> Hi all,
> We just finished the last bits of the new issue of DPN to be released on
> Wednesday, September 02, around 19:45 UTC.
> We would very much appreciate reviews and translations.

Please find some typos.
I would have committed it myself, but I couldn't find how to checkout the 
new git repo ...

- Jonathan Wilstshire
+ Jonathan Wiltshire

- a Perl transition to Perl 5.22. expected
+ a Perl transition to Perl 5.22, expected

- Cryptographic Token Security Guide</a></p>  
+ Cryptographic Token Security Guide</a>.</p>  

  <a href="http://wiki.osdev.org/Broken_UEFI_implementations";>the dedicated wiki
- <p>
+ </p>

- Raphael Hertzog
+ Raphaël Hertzog 

- <a href="ttp://blog.einval.com/2015/08/02#tracking_broken_UEFI_implementations">cross-distribution
+ <a href="http://blog.einval.com/2015/08/02#tracking_broken_UEFI_implementations";>cross-distribution

The following link is dead:
Steinar Gunderson takes a new look
at <a href="http://blog.sesse.net/blog/tech/2015-07-26-12-52_diy_web_video_streaming.html";>Do It Yourself web video streaming</a>.


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