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Draft announcement for DebConf15 (Debian Publicity)

Dear Publicity and DebConf team,

I've added an initial announcement about DebConf15 to the Debian
publicity repository:


The text mirrors the press release that the DebConf team will send
*tomorrow* to several German and English media:



(I've removed the paragraph "About Debian and Debconf" and used the ones
that we have in our template in the Publicity repository).

It would be nice that we (Debian Publicity) publish the announcement in
www.debian.org and send to the mailing lists tomorrow Tuesday too.

I know it's quite hurry, and it's my first time writing an announcement,
and I'm not available tomorrow for triggering the publication process.
So any kind of help is really appreciated.

This is my proposal:

* Please have a look at the English version


* In two or three hours (15:30h UTC more or less), I can commit the
German version as initial translation, and send a call for review and

* Somebody please coordinate with debconf-team tomorrow for the actual
publication (at what time, etc). If any (other) member of the Debian
Publicity team can attend this evening meeting (
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2015-08-03 ) I
think it would be perfect. If I am the only one, will send mail to the
list with the corresponding update.

* I have to shutdown my server tonight, so spigot will not be available:
no automatic dent will be published about the announcement. Please,
somebody manually post to the social networks...

* I'll try to leave a "filler" for DebConf15 tonight in the repository,
to ease the publicity work during DebConf.(QUESTION: is it ok if I make
a "debconf" folder, similar to the "release" one?).


Laura Arjona

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