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Publicity team meeting: 2015/05/05, 18h UTC, at IRC #debian-publicity channel

Hi everybody

After all the kind words and efforts from everybody (thanks!) I'm
calling for a meeting next Tuesday 05 May 2015, at 18h UTC in
#debian-publicity on irc.debian.org

Right now, 5 people seem available to meet.

Following Paul's suggestion and Games team's expertise, I have created
the wiki infrastructure for the meetings:

https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/Meetings  (general page)

Page for next meeting:

My proposal is to have an 1-hour meeting, with a quick round among all
the topics. Hopefully there will be next meetings to get in-depth :)

I'd prefer somebody else chairs the meeting (it would be my first time
dealing with meetbot and the chronometer). Silence means I'll chair -
wish me luck, then :)


Laura Arjona

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