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Re: Debian Release 8 - Greek translation

Dear friends

please find attached the greek translation for the Debian 8 Release
Announcement. If there are any issues let me know asap.

A great many thanks to all the Debian developers and the Debian community
for this great release!

best regards

Emmanuel Galatoulas
Debian Greek localisation Team

> Hi,
> the Debian 8 (Jessie) release is approaching very fast and we have just
> frozen the release announcement! Can you please translate
> http://deb.li/jessiePR as soon as possible. If you have access to the
> Debian publicity SVN, please commit directly there. If you have not,
> please mail the translation back as attachment the publicity team at
> debian-publicity@lists.debian.org, we will then commit it for you.
> If everything wents well the release will happen during this weekend.
> In case you have any questions, please contact us at
> debian-publicity@lists.debian.org or join #debian-publicity on
> irc.oftc.net.
> Happy translating,
> Martin
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