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Re: DPN: Auditors, What do you do?

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Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for the response. This is great information to put
forth in the next edition. I know from IRC that you quickly put this
together for me and I appreciate it. I'll rephrase it slightly and send
you a draft copy if you don't mind? I'm interested in the area
separation of finance and assets and think the larger audience may be
interested in it as well.

Sorry for the top quote, I wanted to preserve the message.

- -Donald
On 12/19/2014 05:20 PM, Brian Gupta wrote:
> I am just going to give some brain dumps, please let me know if any is of use.
> >From wiki [1]:
> - keep track of Debian project financial assets, income, expenditures
> and any other financial information
> - keep track of hardware resources and any other physical assets of
> the Debian project
> - keep track of domain names, trademarks, and any other intangible
> assets of the Debian project
> - periodically publish public reports about changes in assets and
> resources including (but not limited to): money coming in via
> donations, money being spent with DPL approval, new hardware bought,
> etc.
> - keep track of organizations holding assets in trust for Debian and
> propose to the DPL changes in the list of trusted organization (as per
> constitution §5.1.11 and §9.3)
> Going beyond what's in the wiki, we've worked on other things.
> Recently, since Debian doesn't have a dedicated general fundraising
> team, we've also helped coordinate fundraising (in this case to help
> fund Debian's participation in the Outreach Program for Women).
> We've also helped to facilitate reimbursements for various expenses
> that the DPL approves. e.g. - Events (sprints, BSPs, miniconfs), DSA
> HW expenses. (We can do this because one of the audit team members
> handles the finances for one of the Trusted Organizations, Debian.ch.)
> I personally have been working with Paul Wise (pabs) to streamline the
> donations page. (pabs did all the technical work.)
> I consider the fundraising and donations stuff within the umbrella of
> the auditor-team.
> That said, I think that the name "auditor" team may be a misnomer, and
> perhaps "finance" team would be better, with the understanding that
> all of Debian's assets aren't financial.
> Another task that I've been working on, is working with SPI to enable
> them to accept Paypal donations. (It's approved by SPI board, they
> just needed volunteers to help.)
> I suspect over time, that the auditor/finance team will work more and
> more closely with our Trusted Organizations. We already have two
> auditor team members that are also Trusted Organization board members.
> (Philip Hug is on Debian.ch board, and Martin Michlmayr is now on the
> SPI board.)
> Cheers,
> Brian
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 11:51 PM, Donald Norwood
<dnorwood@portalus.com> wrote:
>> Hello Debian Auditors,
>> For the next Debian Project News[1] issue[2] we would like to highlight
>> a project or a group inside the Debian project.
>> We plan to share what you do in the project with the rest of the
>> community and the world, perhaps raising consciousness of your efforts
>> and to possibly attract new parties who may be interested in it and, of
>> course, the overall Debian project.
>> Towards that end, would you please respond or copy us within your
>> discussions with a small blurb about your group, and/or
>> something of interest within your group and its activities.
>> Best regards from the Publicity Team,
>> Donald Norwood

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