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Who's Using Debian 2014 Audit

As a follow up to the Making Debian users more visible thread[1], a sub-team consisting of Laura Arjona, Donald Norwood, and Kåre Thor Olsen, are going to undertake the effort of auditing the current Who's Using Debian[2] pages.

The initial draft[3] introduced the formation of the team, a call for help, and a brief outline of the undertaking. We have opened bug #766923[4] which has been tagged as a gift and have updated a defunct entry on the wiki's WhoUsesDebian[5] page which outlines the proposed workflow, concerns, notes for discussion, and the draft email to be sent to users as part of the audit.

There is still work to be done and a few questions that need to be addressed, particularly if we use this opportunity to request more information from submitters towards use in other areas of Debian Outreach, or if the information being asked needs to ask for other kinds of information, or less information.

We welcome all comments, discussion, and of course, help.

Best regards,

Donald Norwood


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