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Re: [Lucas Nussbaum] Re: Debian OPW media campaign?

Philipp Hug <debian@hug.cx> writes:
> I did set it up again under debian.ch:
> http://debian.ch/opw2014
> I'm only waiting for updated texts.

(I've keep everyone on CC and added buxy so to get the broadest
possible comments). I'm tmarble on IRC.

--- Proposed text for http://debian.ch/opw2014 ---

The Debian Outreach Program for Women needs your support!

Debian is once again [particpating][https://wiki.debian.org/OutreachProgramForWomen] 
in the [GNOME Outreach Program][http://gnome.org/opw/].

We already have five Debian volunteers ready to mentor interns, 
but only funds for two interns. Help us get to (at least) three interns!

One of Debian's sponsors has offered matching challenge in USD to
fund Debian's participation OPW. If we can raise $3,125 by October 22
that means we can mentor an additional intern ($6,250).
- for each dollar donated by an individual to Debian through the mechanism, the sponsor will donate another dollar to Debian;
- only donations in USD will be matched;
- the sponsor will match the donated funds up to a maximum total of $3,125 USD;
- all money raised through this program, will be earmarked for OPW participation, either in 2014 or in the future;
- We need to raise the money for this round by Oct 22nd so please act quickly!

Debian OPW matching fund

If you want your monetary contribution to be matched by our sponsor,
please use this PayPal button before Oct 22nd:

  [PayPal button]

If you wish to contribute, and you can not use paypal please contact
opw@debian.org to make alternate payment arrangements.

Thank you for helping increase diversity in Debian
and Free and Open Source Software!

[tag to be enabled when the amount raised is > $0]
We already raised $x USD, thanks to all!

--- Proposed @Debian dent/tweet: ---

We need your help to empower one more @fossopw intern by October 22 ♥
Please help diversity today → http://debian.ch/opw2014/


Feedback please!


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