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Contribute to debian publicity

Hi Debian-publicity-team,

I have heard, that you are looking for people for the pr and press work. I am a Debian user since 2002 (my first version was "woody" ;-)) and in my "professional life" I am working at a Linux software company in Germany, where I work on the press releases/communication, website and various marketing topics. And because I am a passionate Debian-user , I would like to contribute a bit.

I've gotten in touch with Francesca and she told me to introduce myself at this mailing list and to get an account in alioth (done).

To get started and to get familiar with your tools, maybe I could help writing news for the website and/ or newsletter?

Another idea is to write short articles on Debian deployments/Debian users, which we could put on the Debian website (e. g. as pdf).
It could be very nice for people working in Debian as well as for "outsiders to get some infos about such exciting use cases of Debian like e.g. the ISS or Spotify ;-). If you think, that a good idea, I could start with first drafts. Or if you have other interesting Debian deployments in mind - just let me know!

Looking forward to work with you all!



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