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Re: Using social media channels for DC15


El 07/05/14 16:30, Neil McGovern escribió:

Hrm - random thought - would it be better to have a Debconf identica
account, and then the Debian one could re-dent (or whatever it is
called) the important links? That way followers can see just DebConf
bits, or just Debian bits, or both.

Two things to take into account

* Identi.ca does not allow new registrations. So it's possible to have a new account in the Pump.io network, but in a different server: microca.st , pumprock.net , pumpbuddy.us , fmrl.me ... This does not affect anything but the "name" of the account (it cannot be https://identi.ca/xxx)

* Re-dent (or "share"), right now, in the pump network, means "share to followers only" (the post in https://randompumpserver.com/debconf15 would be public, but the repost in https://identi.ca/debian would not be public, only visible to Debian followers. This is a reported bug).

I'm happy for you to have the identica login details if you want them :)

I can provide the Quitter login details too, no problem about that, or I can just track the identi.ca/debian activity and repost in the fediverse as I usually do. As you wish.

Laura Arjona

Some info about the others is here:


Or could we get access to the channels and publish ourselves?

We definitely need more people to join the publicity team and work on
bits.d.o, DPN, debian@identi.ca etc.

We won't be able to jump on and help while in the process of
organising DC15. However, I read your comment to mean "if you want
DC15-related stuff pushed out, it would be best if one or two people
from your team joined d-publicity and did it themselves."

If that is correct, then can you give me a quick idea of the
process? I want to send out http://titanpad.com/lwJuODjrAL one of
these days to get DC15 press work started.

Looks good! I'd be happy to help (though my time is also limited).


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