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Re: popcon website has the same style as the main website

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 10:25 PM, Stéphane Blondon wrote:

> I didn't think about it. DENT sent on IRC and now published by Athur Lutz.
> Thanks for the suggestion!

Not sure which dent you mean or who Athur Lutz is but this[1]
dent/note was published by new[2] denter Cédric Boutillier. Welcome to
the note-posting team Cédric :)

1. https://identi.ca/debian/note/sVe-_YZ_RwiCJl6ujNd7vw
2. https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity?action=diff&rev1=99&rev2=100



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