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Updated wiki about identi.ca/twitter etc accounts

Hi all
I have updated the wiki, splitting the information about social network
accounts in two pages:

Before it was:
Which included info about identi.ca (microblogging) and list of people
with identi.ca/twitter account.

Now it is
Which shows info about the official Debian identi.ca (pump.io) account,
and the list of people/teams having account there.

Which shows info about the non official Debian accounts and groups in
the GNU Social fediverse (former StatusNet) and Twitter. And the list of
people/teams having accounts there.

I have removed the identi.ca accounts not existing now (they were
removed in the migration StatusNet > Pump.io due to more than 1 year of

I hope you like it like this, if not, feel free to reorganize the info
as you wish.

Laura Arjona

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