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Re: Issue in DPN February 10th, 2014

Hi Eriberto,

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 01:47:28PM -0200, Eriberto wrote:
> Hi! We have a bug...

> My name (Joao Eriberto Mota Filho) was published as new contributor in
> Debian Project News - February 10th, 2014. However, I maintain
> packages or
> get involved in other activities since 2006[1].

Sorry, I am the one to blame for welcoming you in Debian in this DPN,
although you have been a long time contributor.
The current workflow to detect new contributors is  based on the
new maintainers page from UDD
Every new entry needs a manual check and I must have failed to have to
do it correctly for you.

I think that this section of the DPN is nice because:
- it somehow shows that we are happy to welcome new contributors
- it gives an idea of the evolution of our community

It is true that it has some problems too, but I hope that you
(others) were (will be) not too much armed by being welcome
several times or at the wrong moment.

It is true that it is only a partial view of the community through
packaging, but there is hope that it become more complete (and more
accurate?) with http://contributors.debian.org/.



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