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Promoting Debian in the StatusNet fediverse (non official account)

Hi all
In a similar way that Raphael Hertzog maintains a non-official Debian
account in Twitter, I have created an account for promoting Debian in
the StatusNet fediverse.
The account is @debian@quitter.se


In StatusNet there are two !debian groups.
I don't control those groups, and it was not trivial to merge them and
it was a bit nonsense to create a new one, so the @debian account has
joined the two groups and will post publicly and to both groups each
manual dent, in order to reach as many people as possible.

I have setup an RSS bridge with brdcst.it to post the
planet.debian.org feed. I had problems to setup the RSS feed from
debian@identi.ca and the news RDF feed. I have opened the
corresponding bug at brdcst. Until I find a better way or the bugs are
fixed, I'll repost those dents manually.

I have updated https://wiki.debian.org/Promote/SocialNetworking to add
the new StatusNet account.

Laura Arjona

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