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For DPN? "Debian/Ubuntu extend the dominance in the Linux web server"

Hi all

I'm not sure if this can be a news in DPN:


(as a continuation of http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2012/02/#w3techs )

I'm very bad at summarizing but, rewriting that DPN article, this is
my proposal:

Debian increases popularity on web servers

According to a recent W3Techs survey [1], Debian continues to be the
most popular GNU/Linux distribution on web servers, and increases its
popularity from 29,4% in January 2012 (when it took the lead
surpassing CentOS) to 32.7% in October 2013. Debian's derivative
Ubuntu also grows, having together a double lead (58.5% in Linux
webservers use Debian/Ubuntu). The survey is based on the analysis of
the top million web sites according to Alexa, in order to select a
representative sample of established sites, and focused only on the
technologies used for web sites (and not individual web pages or
desktop installations).

[1] http://w3techs.com/blog/entry/debian_ubuntu_extend_the_dominance_in_the_linux_web_server_market_at_the_expense_of_red_hat_centos


Laura Arjona

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