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Re: welcome to the publicity team Adolfo Antón Bravo

Hi Pabs and everyone

El jue, 24-10-2013 a las 07:02 +0800, Paul Wise escribió:
> Hi Adolfo Antón Bravo, all,
> Welcome to the publicity team and thanks for your interest!


> You might want to use this opportunity to introduce yourself and how you
> plan to help out with Debian publicity.
> Please join our mailing list and IRC channel so that you can stay
> up-to-date with Debian's publicity efforts.
> Joining the mailing lists and IRC channels of the parts of Debian that
> you are interested in is also a good idea so that you can find things
> that might be interesting to report.
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity

I've used Debian for several years and I've always wanted to contribute
in some way. I just checked the web a week ago to know how to join
Debian Project. I am suscribed to DPN and I realized it wasn't
translated to Spanish so I think I'd like to start translating DPN to
Spanish. I do hope further collaboration.

ASAP I'd join IRC channels too :)


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excepción» en el que vivimos." Walter Benjamin, Tesis de Filosofía de la

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