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Review (Re: DPN 2013/15 frozen. Please review and translate.)

On 2013-07-19 19:08, David Prévot wrote:
[ Please reply on -publicity list ]

Hi all,

We have just finished the last bits of the new (short) issue of DPN
to be released Monday. We would appreciate reviews and translations.

Instructions are available on the wiki:

As usual, the last updated version is available on the publicity
Subversion repository, even via HTTP:

If you're willing to contribute to the redaction of the next issue,
don't hesitate, and join #debian-publicity IRC channel or send a message
to debian-publicity@lists.debian.org.



Thank you very much David and everyone. Here are my remarks:

Lucas Nussbaum, Debian Project Leader, gave an
<a href="http://www.itwire.com/business-it-news/open-source/60564-new-debian-leader-seeks-more-innovation-within-project";>interview
to ITWire</a>  highlighting ways to seek more innovation within the project.

I find the phrasing odd. s/seek more/boost/ ?

Among other things, Lucas mentioned the current state of the NEW queue that
contains<a href="http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html";>nearly 300 packages

The phrasing isn't quite right. I suggest:
Among other things, Lucas mentioned the current state of the NEW queue, where<a href="http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html";>nearly 300 packages are

Filipus Klutiero

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