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Re: Enlarging the Debian Planetarium

On 13268 March 1977, Ana Guerrero Lopez wrote:

> * Question for planet admins:
> I asked Raphael about moving http://planet-fr.debian.net/ to
> planet.debian.org/fr and he agrees. There is also a french users
> planet at http://planet-fr.debian.net/users/ that would be cool
> having as planet.d.o/users-fr. Both configurations files are at:
> http://planet-fr.debian.net/config/
> Could we have this?

We definitely can have the french DD one, sure, has enough people.
I look into that tomorrow somewhen.

The users one: It would be the first. Right now Planet is defined as
| Planet Debian is for any active and directly involved participant in the
| Debian development community. Inclusion in Planet should reflect a
| relationship that already exists -- it is not meant to create
| one. Inclusion is not restricted to people who are currently Debian
| developers nor are ex-developers necessarily barred from inclusion. 
That is, people actively involved in Debian. Users are nice, but don't
fit that.

So we would either need to come up with a new definition for the users
part (and clearly communicate that) or "just" reword the above if we
want users planet. Though if we do that I would want something along the
lines that users blogposts need to have Debian as a topic.
Otherwise we most probably end up with some (l)users demanding access as
"I'm a user of Debian, add me" just to spam it with
commercial/racist/hateful/reallyuseless crap.

And I really don't want us to regularly police the planets and judge the
entries. Which I fear might happen if we open this up too far and
announce it widely that it exists.

I'm not against it, but I sense bad stuff possibly to happen. :()

> What leads me to a question to everybody else in -publicity@:
> What do you think on doing a public call in bits.d.o to have both 
> developers an users planets in more languages hanging from planet.debian.org?
> Once the planet are setup and running, any DD speaking the language
> of the planet can add/remove URLs as happens now with planet.d.o.

More language DD planets is always good. Its why i made it possible on
planet.d.o :)

bye, Joerg
graphviz (old license)
      * Burn it! Burn it all!! 

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