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Fourth alpha release of Debian Edu/Skolelinux based on Debian Wheezy

New features for Debian Edu 7.1+edu0~alpha3 released 2013-07-03

These are the release notes for for Debian Edu / Skolelinux
7.1+edu0~alpha3, based on Debian with codename "Wheezy".

About Debian Edu and Skolelinux

Debian Edu, also known as Skolelinux[1], is a Linux distribution based
on Debian providing an out-of-the box environment of a completely
configured school network. Immediately after installation a school
server running all services needed for a school network is set up just
waiting for users and machines being added via GOsa², a comfortable
Web-UI. A netbooting environment is prepared using PXE, so after
initial installation of the main server from CD, DVD or USB stick all
other machines can be installed via the network. The provided school
server provides LDAP database and Kerberos authentication service,
centralized home directories, DHCP server, web proxy and many other
services. The desktop contains more than 60 educational software
packages[2] and more are available from the Debian archive, and
schools can choose between KDE, Gnome, LXDE and Xfce desktop

 1) <URL: http://www.skolelinux.org/ >
 2) <URL: http://people.skolelinux.org/pere/blog/Educational_applications_included_in_Debian_Edu___Skolelinux__the_screenshot_collection____.html >

This is the fourth test release based on Debian Wheezy. Basically this
is an updated and slightly improved version compared to the Squeeze

Software updates

  * Dropped ispell dictionaries from our default installation.
  * Dropped menu-xdg from the KDE desktop option, to drop the Debian
    submenu.  It was not included with Gnome, LXDE or Xfce, so this
    brings KDE in line with the others.
  * Dropped xdrawchem, xjig and xsok from our default installation as
    they don't have a desktop menu entry and thus won't show up in the
    menu now that menu-xdg was removed.
  * Removed the killer system to kill left behind processes on
    multi-user machines, as it was no longer able to understand when a
    X display was in use and killed the processes of the active users
  * Dropped the golearn (from goplay) package as the debtags in wheezy
    are too few to make the package useful.

Other changes
  * Updated artwork matching http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/Joy
  * Multi-arch i386/amd64 USB stick ISO available.
  * Got rid of ispell/wordlist related debconf questions that showed
    up for some language options.
  * Switched to using http.debian.net as APT source by default.
  * Fixed proxy configuration on Main Server installations.
  * Changed LTSP setup to ask dpkg to use force-unsafe-io the same way
    d-i is doing it.
  * Made sure root and user passwords were not left behind in the
    debconf database after installation on Main Server installations.
  * Made Roaming Workstation dynamic setup more robust and added draft
    script setup-ad-client to hook a Roaming Workstation up to a
    Active Directory server instead of a Debian Edu Main Server.
  * Update system to install needed firmware packages during
    installation, to work properly in Wheezy.
  * Update system to handle hardware quirks (debian-edu-hwsetup).
  * Corrected PXE installation setup to properly pass selected desktop
    and keymap settings to PXE installation clients.
  * LTSP diskless workstations use sshfs by default, allowing them to
    work without adding them to DNS and NIS netgroups for NFS access.

Known issues
  * No mass import of user account data in GOsa (ldif or csv)
    available yet (698840).
  * Artwork not enabled for all desktops.

Where to get it
To download the multiarch netinstall CD release you can use

  * ftp://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~a3-CD.iso
  * http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~a3-CD.iso
  * rsync -avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~a3-CD.iso .

The MD5SUM of this image is: 2b161a99d2a848c376d8d04e3854e30c
The SHA1SUM of this image is: 498922e9c508c0a7ee9dbe1dfe5bf830d779c3c8

To download the multiarch USB stick ISO release you can use

  * ftp://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~a3-USB.iso
  * http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~a3-USB.iso
  * rsync -avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~a3-USB.iso .

The MD5SUM of this image is: 25e808e403a4c15dbef1d13c37d572ac
The SHA1SUM of this image is: 15ecfc93eb6b4f453b7eb0bc04b6a279262d9721

How to report bugs

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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