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debian in Dutch newspaper


I recently read about the ISS switching over to Debian 6 next year where
they are currently (still) running Windows XP.

Thought you might be interested. The article is in Dutch. It was
published in "De Volkskrant" which is a prominent dutch, progressive

It states that now XP will no longer be maintained (and ISS have already
experienced a W32.Gammima.AG worm infection once), they decided to
switch over to Debian 6, because of its stability, as well as its easier

I am currently orientating on a Linux OS as an alternative to XP as this
will be no longer surviced in little of a year. I have salvaged some
older P4 machines from the office and was looking for a way to run
these, and not being forced to invest in resourcehungry Windows operated

I was first pleasantly surprised bu Ubuntu. After reading about Debian i
tried Debian 7. I must say I find it excellent! And intend to stick with

Gerhard Lugtenburg, Roosendaal The Netherlands.



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