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Re: Chemnitzer Linuxtage

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Hi there,

Am 19.01.2013 13:18, schrieb Jan Wagner:
> Am 06.01.13 18:01, schrieb Jan Wagner:
>> If you plan to attend and want to get registered officially as an
>>  exhibitors, please get in touch with me. There are usualy a
>> couple of sponsored tickets available by the host for the event,
>> social evening and indoor camping. If you think you need ask for
>> such a ticket, please leave me a note in this case, I'll have a
>> look at it and try to make decisions on your requirements. As
>> soon as I have knowledge about the costs for "unsponsored"
>> exhibitor tickets, I'll hint you. I created a wiki site at 
>> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2013/ChemnitzerLinuxTage 
>> for the event and added some initial informations there. Please 
>> have a look into is and into the threads[1][2] from last year.
> Some more informations (mostly copied from my mail last year. :):
> Tickets for the conference: 8 Eur Indoorcamping[1]: last year 2 Eur
> afaik.
> Tickets for the (best seen) Social Event on saterday: 25 Eur
> (guessing from last yer) BoothTickets (combination of all above +
> free backstage catering): 40 Eur
> If you want to get one of the two latter, please get in touch with
> me til 24.02.2013. When you consider to be at the social event,
> you should think about taking a boothticket, cause there is 25+8
> Eur for just beeing there, but the boothtickets will supply you
> with free food for the whole event (and camping). :) There is also
> a small amount of sponsored boothtickets. If you feel you need one
> of those, please also leave me a hint.

After talking with the host, we got a bit more time. Please tell me
until 4.3.2013 if you are interested for a booth ticket, (extra-)ticket
for the social event seems less urgent and can be bought short-term.

> The next step is now to find people willing to staff the booth and
> to manage what equipment is required and who brings what.

Unfortunately actually I know of 3 people (including me) who are offered
participating to staff the booth. Looking at the wiki doesn't convince
me, that we could run the booth for such an event, cause we are

In the past running a booth at CLT was always a joy. The only
problematic challenge is to find enough people willing to spend some
time at the booth while running an interesting 6 track lecture program
aside. So please ... let come more brave people into our band wagon!

If you can share your time, please contact me and have a look into

Many Thanks, Jan.
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