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call for merchandise on -news (?)

Dear press and publicity teams,
  as announced on -project, we've just published an updated version of
Debian's trademark policy, based on feedback from SPI lawyers and
various discussions on -project.

Per se, I don't think it would be worth to send out a press release for
"version 2.0" of a boring legal-ish document. But it occurred to me that
we might want to combine it with a call for merchandise for the upcoming
Wheezy release. An outline (or, more likely, a brain dump) of such an
announcement could be something like the following:

- hi!, we've just published trademark policy 2.0
- we encourage commercial activities with our marks
- in particular, we welcome Debian merchandise
- we only recommend that you explain to your customers how much of the
  selling cost is donated to Debian [*]
- given Wheezy is approaching, why don't you consider producing artwork
  for it?
- here is the LINK to DFSG-free material corresponding to Wheezy
  artwork, use it!

This was just to throw an idea in the bucket. To become a reality, it
would need some kind soul^Wwriter that turns it into a proper


[*] even if it's only a recommendation, this is an important point of
    the new trademark policy that we haven't stressed enough in the past
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