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Re: Debian Project News 1/2013 frozen. Please review and translate.

On 2013-01-04 15:03, Justin B Rye wrote:
Francesca Ciceri wrote:
we just finished the last bits of the new issue of DPN to be released
Monday. We would appreciate reviews and translations.

Thank you Francesca and everyone. Special thanks for the quick coverage of the wiki.debian.org issue.

The "Other news" section doesn't look very finished - it's just the
headlines from the previous edition with no content attached.

This is apparently OK now.

Here are my remarks:

<rcstatslink release="Wheezy"
    tobefixed="116" />

I know we made changes to this part recently, and I didn't check the current definition of rcstatslink, but I'm quite confident these numbers are wrong; tobefixed's value should be testing's, and testing's value should be 287... unfortunately :-(

By the way, I like our increased usage of such constructs as they make reviewing faster in a sense, however they also make reviewing more complex and perhaps less reliable. As a reviewer, I would appreciate a live compiled version of the next issue to quickly see the actual result if I feel the need.

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