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Re: RC-stats paragraph on DPN

Hi all,

thank you a lot for your feedback and suggestions!
I'd say that we basically all agree that a link to a blogpost where the
stats are - more or less - explained is better than the raw numbers.
So, I'd say to continue to use Richard's one, maybe adding (as Filipus
suggested) an explicit note that the stats are "as of

@Alexander: thanks for the link, and for publishing the blogpost for a
long time!

@Richard: I agree that Friday is better than Monday, and adding the "as
of" note we can easily solve the problem of publishing slightly old

@Pawel: having graphs would be great! Maybe you can continue coordinate
with Richard to further improve the script and the blogpost?


"It's a UNIX system, I know this!"
Lex Murphy, Jurassic Park

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