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[italo@italovignoli.com: Community development and Marketing FOSDEM DevRoom]

Forwarding, as the original one didn't make it to the list (likely due
to the high number of recipients).

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This is an official call for sessions for a "Community development and
Marketing" devroom, hosted at FOSDEM 2013 on Saturday, February 2nd.

In this devroom, developers with different profiles and backgrounds
are invited to brainstorm about aspects related to software projects
which are beyond the code itself, but nevertheless crucial for keeping
the project alive, such as marketing strategies useful for attracting
users and contributors, processes for managing the dynamics of the
community, and open source solutions for project lifecycle management.

While Marketing and FLOSS have long been considered incompatible
concepts, recent history has shown that marketing strategies properly
tailored for the FLOSS world can be of real help for open source
projects without tainting their ideology. Good marketing can be an
essential instrument for reaching out and expanding the community of
users and contributors. You are invited to showcase best practices and
successful collaborations between marketers and developers, to discuss
marketing in a typical hacker environment, and to participate in
establishing a link between communities and in creating opportunities
for collaboration.

Furthermore, you are invited to exchange ideas about what works for
keeping a community in shape: how to encourage contributions from new
members, how to keep people motivated, how to work across time zones
and cultures, how to handle conflicts, what are the processes for
naming new committers or for accepting patches. Presenters can talk
about their favorite combination of tools for version control, code
review, continuous integration, issue tracking, documentation, as well
as full infrastructure setup scenarios. It will be a great environment
for learning from individual success stories about new ways of working
better inside an open source community.

If you are interested in holding a session, please submit your talk
proposal no later than 23-12-2012 (UTC) by sending an email message to
cdm-devroom@lists.fosdem.org, and providing the following information:

About the speaker:
- - Name
- - Affiliation (if any)
- - Short bio

About the proposed session:
- - Title
- - Abstract (no more than 300 words)
- - Preferred duration (5, 15 or 30 minutes) and time slot (optional)

You can also subscribe to the mailing list to discuss the devroom
topics with the two organizers, by sending an empty email message to

Looking forward to your contributions,

Italo Vignoli (italo@italovignoli.com)
Sergiu Dumitriu (sergiu@xwiki.org)

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