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Re: [RFR] wml://News/weekly/2012/19/index.wml Debian Project News frozen. Please review and translate

On 2012-09-28 18:54, David Prévot wrote:

Thanks to Cédric, we just finished the last bits for the latest issue of
the Debian Project News. We would appreciate reviews and translations.

Instructions are available on the wiki :

As usual, the last updated version is available on the publicity
Subversion repository, even via HTTP:



Thank you David and everyone. Here are my remarks:

The<a href="http://beta.howtorecognise.mine.nu/blog/Dublin_BSP.html";>bug
squashing party held in Dublin</a>  on Saturday, 8 September
was hosted in Google office space and gathered 15Â people.
I suppose what follows the "15" is a non-breaking space? FWIW, Iceweasel by default displays http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/publicity/dpn/en/current/index.wml?revision=4297&view=co as ISO-8859-1. Changing to UTF-8 fixed the display.

As well as its impact on the Release-Critical bugs list it triggered
the bootstrapping of a local Debian community with the desire to
hold a second such party in October.
This seems to say the BSP "triggered its impact on the RC bugs list". I suggest:
In addition to improving the Release-Critical bugs list, it triggered
the bootstrapping of a local Debian community with the desire to
hold a second such party in October.

The following weekend, another
<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2012/09/msg00008.html";>bug
squashing party held in Berlin</a>  gathered approximately 25 people who also
worked on German translations besides dealing with Release-Critical bugs.
"also" and "besides" together sounds redundant.

Debian has been participating in the
Google Summer of Code since 2006, and proposed 15Â projects this year, of which 12
finished successfully.
Debian did not only *propose* 15 projects, 15 is the number of projects accepted.

Some of these results have already been included into Debian.
I am not a native English speaker, but "into Debian" is unusual. "in Debian" is more common.

The Debian project thanks those who took part in it, and especially the
students for their contributions, and invites them to continue being involved
in making Debian better.
These 2 "and"-s are awkward. The first one is unneeded.

Eight applicants have been
<a href="http://nm.debian.org/public/nmlist#done";>accepted</a>
	as Debian Developers,
six applicants have been
<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2012/09/msg00047.html";>accepted</a>
	as Debian Maintainer, and
two people have<a href="http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/new-maintainers.cgi";>started
         to maintain packages</a>  since the previous issue of the Debian
	Project News.

The pluralization is inconsistent, either "Developer" or "Maintainers".

<rcstats release="Wheezy"
	tobefixed="266" />

testing should currently be 534.

<a href="$(HOME)/security/2012/dsa-2549">devscript</a>
Probably not newsworthy, though.

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