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Re: Der Einfall der DebConf

Am Freitag, 27. Juli 2012 13:04 schrieb Francesca Ciceri:
> sorry to intrude in a mostly l10n-german discussion, but I'd like to
> add my 2 cents.


> I can't obviously judge on the severity of this translation error, nor -
> not being a German speaking person - on the general quality of Erik's
> work.

Just ask Erik

> But I'd like to point out that Erik is an hardworking and
> helpful contributor who works a lot in translating publicity material -
> DPN and announcements - in a timely manner. He is always polite and
> helpful.

This isn't a point to cross out when translating.

> As said, not speaking German, I can't really understand the severity of
> this error. But what I understand clearly is that it is an *error*.

> In Italy we have a proverb which translates as "Who does not do
> anything, certainly doesn't make mistakes".

Well ...

> I'd also like to point out, as others did in this thread, that if Erik is
> wrong, then the reviewers are also wrong. ;)

Whom do you mean?

> Thus, revoking his commit access seems to me a bit overreacting, while I
> understand the good faith of Alexander in doing it.

It's all to Alexander and Erik, not at all to you.
> My suggestion (as said, as an outsider) is to reactivate his account
> and to pay more attention in the future while reviewing translations. 

As you can't review, why trying to be necessary?

Der Name und die Adresse wird mit whitelist geschützt

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