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Re: [LCFC] wml://{intro/diversity,News/2012/20120420}.wml [Let's release an announcement tomorrow?]

On 2012-06-04 20:52, David Prévot wrote:
Hi press team, publicity and l10n-english CC,

We already prepared and reviewed over a month ago an announcement about
the diversity statement, I just refreshed it with a new date, and a
mention and link to the vote. Unless someone vetoes or is willing to
prepare another announcement, it would be nice to send it quickly (e.g.
tomorrow, Tuesday 5 June).

I'm ready to commit the attached files to www.d.o and coordinate with
whoever from the press team, so please, just ping me if you need help!



Thank you again David, here are my remarks.

Same issues as last time. In addition:
<q>The constructive and fruitful discussion that led to the current
version of this statement was really encouraging</q>  said Francesca
Ciceri who proposed the initial draft and took a lot of other opinions into account.

A comma should be added at least after "Ciceri".

Here are links to the latest versions (unchanged as of now):

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