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Re: New version of DPNhtml2mail.pl [was: Possible bug when generating mail version]

Dear Ryuunosuke,

Quoting "AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke" <i38w7i3@yahoo.co.jp>:
Here is an another type of bug on DPNhtml2mail.pl when generating a
Japanese version of DPN. This comes out because of ad-hoc handling
of UTF-8 flagged data. I have attached a debugged DPNhtml2mail.pl to
this mail. please check it.

Thanks a lot for your input. UTF-8 as been always a mess for me and your solution looks to do its job nicely. I will have a look this evening (CEST) to see how its behave for latin languages.

On lines 112 to 136 there are language specific information. Do not hesitate to provide such information for Japanese if it make sens.



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