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Re: Version 1.0 of Debian Infographic


2012/4/23 Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net>:
> debian-live (we don't have a logo other than the debian logo, so please
> don't 'invent' one for us) is in the row of pure blends, which is not what
> debian-live is about.

I sent a email for you in 27/jan/12 asking about this point, similarly
i did for debian chemistry and science, asking about a official logo.
>From them, i received a reply (and i did a prototype of logo), but
without a reply from you.

> debian-live is a subproject of debian maintaining the software to produce
> and run live systems, like e.g. debian-installer is for maintaining the
> software to install a debian system.

I know. I use debian-live since 2006, when i did a live java cd for
devel[1], but in this year  yet it hadn't this status.I spoke a lot
with Otávio Salvador about your project.

Anyway, i will correct the infographic, with the change of logo and
reposition of it.


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