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Re: Version 1.0 of Debian Infographic

2012/4/22 Italo Vignoli <italo@italovignoli.com>:
> Although I have tried to point out in an polite way that the infographic
> contains a mistake, as it shows OOo seagulls instead of LibreOffice
> icon, you go on promoting a wrong information. If the infographics gets
> published, I will unfortunately be forced to comment pointing out the
> mistake, and explaining the reason behind the mistake, i.e. that you are
> one of TDF founders that - because of his behaviour - has not even been
> confirmed as a member of the foundation itself. I am really disapponted
> by your behaviour, although - knowing you - I am definitely not surprised.

Yes. Have some mistakes that i believe necessary, i.e. to use the ffox
logo and not the Iceweasel by easy recognition reasons.

About the seagulls, is other that i will continue doing because the
behavior of high echelon of TDF, like you, mainly which your speech in
discuss@libo about BrOffice. What surprised me most was the point that
you know me. This was our difference. I never suspected that you could
do what did, spreading FUD arround BrOffice name, and I was surprised.

However, as you politely said in other email, this isn't the forum to
discuss about this question and i will continue do this: don't discuss
about this with you.


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