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Re: Formatting suggestion for Debian Project News' similar sections

Hi Ryuunosuke,

On Fri, 02 Mar 2012 04:09:55 +0900, AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke wrote:
> As you know, wml generates static file by 9 steps (p1_ipp, p2_mp4h,
> ...). p1_ipp extracts "$(DEVEL)" to "../../../../devel/", after that
> p2_mp4h evaluates gettext tag. So, msgid string in po file
> "<p><a href=\"$(DEVEL)\">hoge</a>.</p>"
> disagrees with the extracted string in wml file
> "<p><a href=\"../../../../devel/\">hoge</a>.</p>".

You're right! 

Looking in the site's templates I found another workaround, so we don't
have to use link-* variables: s/$(DEVEL)/m4_DEVEL/ and it just works :)

So, I've uploaded the patch (slightly modified: the dpn.defs file is now
a template - boilerplates.wml) and the next dpn (the one I'm going to
freeze tonight) will use the new tags.

Thank you very much, Ryuunosuke, for the idea and for the fix!

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