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Data regarding new debian packages [Re: Help wanted in NNWP]

--- On Sat, 2/25/12, David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> wrote:

> Selecting new and noteworthy packages among the numerous packages that
> entered Debian in a two weeks time frame is not something we are
> currently really good at. Any help to improve this part of
> the DPN would be appreciated (e.g. if you know that a new software is
> noteworthy, please, tell us,

  Isn't there some mailing list, hopefully with an archive, from which
a script will be able to parse that information?  Perhaps 
debian-devel-changes?  Doesn't an intend to package should be filed
prior to uploading new packages? Or maybe by analyzing the packages
files?  Perhaps such a script can be added to the devscripts package.
Can't rmadison be useful here?  Or wnpp-check?

> or if you happen to follow the packages that enter Debian on a
> regular basis and have an idea about them, well, we want you!).

  I am most probably won't be the person that will turn this thread
into something useful.  Sorry about that.  Maybe it should be posted
also to some more general debian-devel list.  Surely the raw data
about new packages is recorded somewhere.  So the real question is 
where the data is recorded.  What algorithm the person, that
currently assembles the list, follows?

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