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Questions about Debian materials/topics for NorthEastLinuxFest

Hi everyone,

I am going to attend http://northeastlinuxfest.org (Saturday March 17,
2012) which this year has a theme of 'accessibility'.   Thanks to
hospitality of Jonathan Nadeau [1], we will have our Debian table
(among other projects e.g.  Fedora, OpenSUSE).

Unfortunately I have not heard yet from anyone interested to join me at
the meeting (and possibly help at the table) thus keeping debian-project
in CC.  I would be grateful for a helping hand/head!

Meanwhile, two topics I am seeking feedback on:

1. Setup/Request for materials

* What is the status of Debian Events Box?

  - is it available in any state of completeness?

  - imho it might be useful for the event box to have
    some table cover or a runner with a Debian logo.

    Was that discussed/suggested before?

    Do you think project (Zack?) would cover such an expense if I
    order one?

    (probably just a table runner, black or white, with logo on
    the sides for it, so it could be generally useful for future

* Do we have any give away materials (brochures, CDs) readily available
  (may be unused from previous recent events)... or am I doomed to
  burn/print a few? ;)

  I am still hoping to compile a brochure or tri-fold summarizing points
  on the agenda [see below] for this linux fest.  Anyone willing to join
  and help?

  I think that Debian's infographic [4] from Claudio could be quite
  useful while talking to people needing better understanding of the
  Debian release flow etc so I hope to print a few of those as

* Depending on the availability of power outlet I am planing  to
  have my old router (asus wl500g) with DebWrt and a mirror of
  Debian archive... so if outside connectivity becomes flake I would still
  have ways to provide images of installer, and possibly install
  interesting packages for demonstration if necessary.

Any additional ideas for "what to bring" (I will also be available
for keysigning of cause ;) )

2. My agenda

Since the theme of 'accessibility' is intended in its wide meaning, I
thought about the following "fields of endeavor" while talking
about Debian project.  Please let me know if I you think about others:

- Supported hardware platforms - Debian makes FOSS accessible
  across unprecedented range of devices.

  Topics: ports, emdebian, niche projects -- debwrt, DebianOnFreeRunner

- Education - Debian makes educational and computing FOSS technologies 
  available to all ages.  Such complete platform for education provides
  an ideal FOSS "primer" for the youngsters while reducing setup and
  maintenance costs for education establishments

  Topics: DebianEdu/Skolelinux
  NB this linuxfest is held in Massachusetts, the neighbor of New
  Hampshire state which recently passed an "Open Source Bill" [3].  So
  raising awareness on availability of FOSS solutions for education etc
  is now more important than ever in New England

- Science - scientists require a stable platform with up to date
  methodological developments transparently available.  Debian provides
  an outstanding coverage of FOSS across wide range of scientific

  Topics: DebianScience, DebianMed, DebianChem, NeuroDebian

- Assistive IT - solid accent of Debian on making IT
  available to everyone

  Topics: accessibility team work (still waiting on help/reply [2])

A thread of thought to keep through:

 "A derivative might be an inferior answer":
 Debian is a "universal" platform in that it provides infrastructure to
 facilitate development toward any field of endeavor.  Debian
 sub-projects, blends, mentor/sponsorship flows allow ANYONE to get
 involved in the project to achieve their accessibility goal while
 benefiting from existing infrastructure, community and reach of

Hot topic to bring up from time to time ;-):

 Upcoming wheezy release -- now it is the best time to help making next
 Debian release fit your needs: help assuring software you interested in
 being up-to-date, test them, report bugs,

Thanks in advance for your replies.

[1] http://northeastlinuxfest.org/?q=node/48
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-accessibility/2012/02/msg00017.html
[3] http://www.nhliberty.org/bills/view/2012/HB418
[4] http://claudiocomputing.wordpress.com/infographic-of-debian/

On Thu, 05 Jan 2012, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> > yeap -- totally reasonable -- whenever we find some time, we
> > should finalize this... it is sad that 
> > http://www.debian.org/events/material#flyers
> > is not a wiki so entry-barrier to add mentioning of our flier is a bit
> > too high for me to take care about it now ;)

> weeeell, it's just one click away: "request to join" button at
> https://alioth.debian.org/projects/webwml/ :-)
> (yes, I do understand what you meant above, but it seemed like a good
> occasion to mention this. I'm sure the -www people welcome
> contributions!)

> While we are at it: the events team has been working since a while on
> the idea of a "debian events box" that should also contain pre-printed
> fliers, with some good progress.  Unfortunately, it is not finalized
> yet, but if in the mean time people need resources to prepare fliers of
> other booth materials, I'll be happy to grant them.

> Cheers.
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