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Re: Debian artwork for Wheezy

On Ma, 13 dec 11, 11:33:43, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> Hello Valessio,
> I'm grateful for your excellent Debian artwork, thanks! Here's a first draft of a "call for proposals" for artwork for Debian's Wheezy release;
> ---
> An important part of any operating system is its look and feel. Debian 
> is no exception. If you've ever wanted to influence the look and feel 
> of an operating system now is your chance. The Debian Project is 
> calling for contributors to design graphics for the next release of 
> the Universal Operating System called Wheezy.

Maybe also add a hint about what the inspiration for the codename was?

> If you would like to get involved, visit this wiki page to get 
> started: 
> You'll see what the requirements for submitting artwork are, as well 
> as a form to submit your own work to Debian. You can send questions to 
> the "debian-desktop@lists.debian.org" mailing list if you have them.
> Thanks very much and everyone looks forward to seeing your work! 
> ---

Otherwise looks great to me.

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