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Interests in getting involved

Dear Debian-Publiciy Team,

I have read the article on debian-news.net about the seek for members of
Debian Publicity Team and I'm pretty interested to get ivolved.

I want to introduce myself first to give you an overview where my interest
come from.

I'm a 23 year old IT-Specialist trainee from Ulm, Germany. I've started my
vocational taining in September 2009 at the
ScanPlus company. On my first days I had absolutely no idea what will
happen to me in the world of bits and bytes. But
when I realized that the small piece of knowledge that the Windows home
environment experience I had, means nothing in
the world of IT I started using Debian.

After two years of learning I'm more interested in Debian GNU/Linux than
ever before. I've used other Linux distributions
but no one gave me the feeling of absolutly freedom and harmonism like

So I'd like to support the Debian Team as much as I can and I hope this
way will be a great chance to start with it.


Jonas Koh
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